Virginie has been with Diatec Monoclonals for almost 5 years and has experience from both our ISO and GMP site. She is the expert on our Hollow Fiber production platform.

As R&D scientist, Virginie is dedicated and always looks to improve processes and techniques. Her PhD in Cell Biology  and attention to details comes in handy when working with the most stubborn cell lines.

The best thing about working at Diatec Monoclonals is to know that the antibodies we produce can make a change in peoples lives. Many of the antibodies are used in research and to diagnose disease. With correct diagnosis the patients can get treatment and hopefully better lives.

Virginie Follin-Arbelet, R&D Scientist and Teamleader
Laboratory scientist in clean room
Virginie in the clean room at the Fornebu site

The organizer

Virginie is also a passionate member of the Social Committee and organizes the company celebrations and social activities, including upcoming 30th anniversary trip to Prague.

Fun fact: when she get frustrated she speaks french loudly to her self in the office.

One thing to improve? Virginie wants to be better at doing push-ups and practices every day.