Diatec Monoclonals is proud to announce that our Managing Director, Bjørn Pedersen will mentor Simone Mester’s SPARK-Norway project. SPARK Norway is the University of Oslo’s innovation program, supported by Inven2, and aims to develop ideas within health related topics in the life science domain. Simone Mester is designing new antibody formats with extended half-life that target cancer. She is part of Jan Terje Andersen’s research group at University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. You can read more about the SPARK program at https://www.uio.no/english/research/strategic-research-areas/life-science/innovation/spark/ and the research of Jan Terje Andersen and his group at https://www.ous-research.no/andersen/

From left: Gerbrand Koster (Inven2), Jan Terje Andersen(OUS/UIO), Simone Mester(OUS/UIO), Bjørn Pedersen (Diatec Monoclonal) and Mira Børstad (Diatec Monoclonals)